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Gold Rush Colloidal Gold
Marine Phytoplankton
Island Fire
Raw Maca Powder
Sacha Inchi Oil
Whole Raw Cacao Beans
with Fruit
Golden Inca Berries
Tibetan Goji Berries
Raw Cacao Nibs
Raw Cacao Powder
Blue Green Algae
Sacred Chocolate


"Since I have been supplementing the Gold Rush, I have felt a heightened sense of awareness and sensitivity. Gold Rush has supported my clarity and taken my creativity to a whole new level. I have also discovered that everything seems to flow a lot better with less resistance."

Adam Russel,
Creative Consultant

"Hello I just wanted to say that I've been taking the gold for a few weeks now an I have defiantly noticed my senses a lil more in tune and the whole happy energy thing!

"I purchased one Gold Rush bottle and it has been with and helped shown me secrets that are life-giving, wisdom, reconciliation and so many things. -It has been consistently opening up and allowing for what one may consider a garden experience both initially and more lasting ...
Blessings, and Thanks"


"Gold Rush has dramatically enhanced the Quality of my life. Colloidal Gold has also enhanced my dreams and the quality of my sleep, plus it has sharpened my intuitive abilities."

Recording Artist / composer

"Life is not the same when there is gold in your vein!!! The calm, the shine in my head, with loving thoughts evoke, and kind words said To believe in the higher and the works that one can do is sourced through alchemy and in delicious raw food.

This love product has had a significant affect on my well being and I am going to make it a significant part of my abundance manifestation and sharing path. Thank you for your work and all that you bring forth.

Jonathan Carl


Greetings—My name is Chad Ashley Vandenberg.

I am the founder and visionary of the creation now known as Elements for Life inc.

I was inspired to create and share this product, in part, by my own experience with an alchemical substance called colloidal gold. Colloidal gold for me was nothing less than a super-nutrient of the highest order. It had subtle yet profound effects on my mental, emotional and physical well-being.

My first experiences of what can only be described as unity consciousness came in conjunction with my supplementation of colloidal gold. These transformational personal breakthroughs came even though at the time I wasn't aware of its full effects. I first started taking gold for its reputed ability to help chronic joint pain. What I found instead is it transformed my relationship with pain. The less I resisted the pain, the more my attention was free to focus on things that mattered more to me.

My social and personal relationships also began to Transform. Across the board, it seemed like things were getting smoother, less abrasive, less friction, less arguments, less fighting, Less tension, Deeper communication,

More acceptance, of self and others. I realize now that the reason my external relationships were transforming was because my relationship with myself was transforming! My consciousness was transforming ever so subtly and the ripple effect it had my life was profound.

What people thought about me or my choices didn't mater to me -allowing me to live and more authentic place! I learned that stress is a self produced by-product of resistance. The less we resist our true thoughts and feelings the more authentic and powerful we become. I let go of lies I had been telling myself and discovered that Radical self-honesty allows authentic living.

What really blew me away however, was the consciousness enhancing effects I experienced. The period during which I supplemented colloidal gold I discovered that I had the ability to solve complex design problems associated with the aviation project I was working on.

I was able to visualize the interaction of extremely complex dynamics operating as a whole with extreme accuracy. My mind seemed wrap itself fluidly around anything I thought about.

I also began to notice my dreams were becoming so vivid that I would realize that I was dreaming. The dreams were more vivid than real life -so I recognized within the dreams that I had to be dreaming! I discovered that as soon as I realized I was dreaming two things would happen.

The dream became even more vivid, and instantly I had control and ability to interact with the dream from a waking consciousness perspective... sometimes I would become simultaneously aware of my body as pure energy. In this state, which felt like an ecstatic electric bliss kiss, I could fly, walk through walls, and explore the physical nature of reality from a very revealing perspective.

I seemed to experienced an unbroken continuity of consciousness across dimensions of my being. These experiences taught me that what ever we focus on expands and that our thoughts create our reality, and that we are all points of consciousness within one infinite being learning to become aware of ourselves as infinite love.

These experiences so transformed my perceptions and experience of "reality" that I dedicated my life to the transformation of myself, the planet, and the collective remembering of our highest nature as individuals and as a global culture.

Chad Ashley Vandenberg

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