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"Since I have been supplementing the Gold Rush, I have felt a heightened sense of awareness and sensitivity. Gold Rush has supported my clarity and taken my creativity to a whole new level. I have also discovered that everything seems to flow a lot better with less resistance."

Adam Russel,
Creative Consultant

"Hello I just wanted to say that I've been taking the gold for a few weeks now an I have defiantly noticed my senses a lil more in tune and the whole happy energy thing!

"I purchased one Gold Rush bottle and it has been with and helped shown me secrets that are life-giving, wisdom, reconciliation and so many things. -It has been consistently opening up and allowing for what one may consider a garden experience both initially and more lasting ...
Blessings, and Thanks"


"Gold Rush has dramatically enhanced the Quality of my life. Colloidal Gold has also enhanced my dreams and the quality of my sleep, plus it has sharpened my intuitive abilities."

Recording Artist / composer

"Life is not the same when there is gold in your vein!!! The calm, the shine in my head, with loving thoughts evoke, and kind words said To believe in the higher and the works that one can do is sourced through alchemy and in delicious raw food.

This love product has had a significant affect on my well being and I am going to make it a significant part of my abundance manifestation and sharing path. Thank you for your work and all that you bring forth.

Jonathan Carl


Zeolite The Mineral That Cleanses Toxic Minerals Out Of Our Bodies Naturally

It is common knowledge that due to toxic wastes entering our bodies everyday even while we sleep, our bodies’ defenses and resistance against deadly diseases and viruses deteriorate. We have heard of many stories about people who thought they have been living normal and healthy lives only to find out later that they have to give up one of their vital organs or de-clog their veins and arteries due to massive buildup of toxic wastes in their bodies. Unfortunately, some of them discovered their sickness already too late for any curative measures.

Heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and arsenic can accumulate in our bodies without us noticing their damaging effects until there already exist a severe decline in our mental, cognitive, and physical health.

With science backing-up these stories, medical scientists and institutions have been trying to find ways to keep our bodies’ defenses strong and healthy enough to repel and prevent these wastes from destroying our normal body functions.

Now, think of this. What if we have a mineral that will flush out all these toxic wastes from our bodies and revitalize our antibodies to make our immune system and body metabolism normal and stronger. This mineral, which is called Zeolite, has been existing for millions of years and can be found on volcanic rocks and ashes including sea salt. In fact, it has already been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years.

How does it flush out toxic minerals from our bodies?

Zeolites have negatively charged molecular structures that attract like magnets the positively charged heavy metals and toxic wastes such as lead, arsenic, and mercury. It acts like a strainer when it catches all the impurities inside our bodies. This binding process, which is also called ‘cation exchange’, enables the zeolite to trap unwanted minerals and flush them out naturally from our bodies through the normal process of urinary disposal after a few hours.

What are the other benefits of zeolites?

Since we are able to regularly flush out the toxic wastes and cleanse our bodies of harmful elements that destroy our immune system including vital tissues, we would be able to keep on living normal lives and be assured of healthy living.

In general, zeolites gives us the following benefits: maintenance of healthy and strong immune system, removal of heavy metals, toxins and drug residues from our cells, increased cellular oxygen levels, enhanced cellular energy production, improved physical performance, nourished healthy cells, improved mental clarity and mood, energized body ph to healthy alkalinity, and many more.

Amazingly, although it comes from volcanic rocks and ashes, Zeolite is non-toxic. In less than 10 hours, all traces of the mineral are completely flushed out of the body and along with it are the injurious elements that gradually destroy our body function. It may also reduce cancer risk since most cancers develop because of toxins penetrating our immune system.

What shall we do?

Now that we know of a very effective and easy way of flushing out all these unwanted elements inside our bodies, it is therefore imperative for us to find supplements that contain zeolite mineral. We can’t do anything with the advancement of technology and in fact, we should be part of it. Unfortunately, science has not been able to prevent much less mitigate the collateral damage that goes along with it. But with the right and proper processing of the powerful and natural mineral that is present in our environment like zeolite, we will certainly be able to withstand the health risks brought about by these developments in techonology. So make zeolite part of our daily diet and be assured of a healthy life for a healthy living.


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