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Gold Rush Colloidal Gold
Marine Phytoplankton
Island Fire
Raw Maca Powder
Sacha Inchi Oil
Whole Raw Cacao Beans
with Fruit
Golden Inca Berries
Tibetan Goji Berries
Raw Cacao Nibs
Raw Cacao Powder
Blue Green Algae
Sacred Chocolate


"Since I have been supplementing the Gold Rush, I have felt a heightened sense of awareness and sensitivity. Gold Rush has supported my clarity and taken my creativity to a whole new level. I have also discovered that everything seems to flow a lot better with less resistance."

Adam Russel,
Creative Consultant

"Hello I just wanted to say that I've been taking the gold for a few weeks now an I have defiantly noticed my senses a lil more in tune and the whole happy energy thing!

"I purchased one Gold Rush bottle and it has been with and helped shown me secrets that are life-giving, wisdom, reconciliation and so many things. -It has been consistently opening up and allowing for what one may consider a garden experience both initially and more lasting ...
Blessings, and Thanks"


"Gold Rush has dramatically enhanced the Quality of my life. Colloidal Gold has also enhanced my dreams and the quality of my sleep, plus it has sharpened my intuitive abilities."

Recording Artist / composer

"Life is not the same when there is gold in your vein!!! The calm, the shine in my head, with loving thoughts evoke, and kind words said To believe in the higher and the works that one can do is sourced through alchemy and in delicious raw food.

This love product has had a significant affect on my well being and I am going to make it a significant part of my abundance manifestation and sharing path. Thank you for your work and all that you bring forth.

Jonathan Carl


Natural Sweeteners, like Yacon & Stevia
that are safe for Children and Diabetics
Organic Super Foods

Sugar is one of the most popular food staples found in the market. Most people will prefer a sweetened food and a drink compared to an unsweetened one. However, although sugar may be considered as popular food stuff, it is not recommended by doctors due to its hazards. Some potential problems caused by sugar include gaining extra weight and losing your health if you have Diabetes. Hence, due to these potential hazards of sugar, more and more alternatives for sweeteners are found every day.

However, recent research has shown that artificial sweeteners can be just as bad as sugar and in some cases they can even have worse effects. Some of the artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and saccharin have been found to have detrimental effects after prolonged use. For example, saccharin has been found to trigger various forms of cancer after prolonged use. Furthermore, aspartame has been found to miss up blood sugar levels in diabetic patients. In addition, using artificial sweeteners has been found to miss up the natural order of your body and thus cause your body to crave more carbohydrates as a result. These types of artificial sweeteners do not send the necessary signal of satisfaction to your brain and as a result you end up eating more carbohydrates.

Thus, your best solution to these dilemmas is to use natural sweeteners. Natural sweeteners can come in various forms. The more popular natural sweeteners include Stevia, Yakon, and Agaves. Stevia is perhaps the most potent natural and organic sweetener, as it allows you to get the sweetness of sugar without worrying about the calories or without worrying about the diabetic effects of sugar.

Stevia is a special type of an herb that is found originally in Latin America. It was found by the Spanish Conquistadores around 600 years ago. It has been used by many tribes and by the people of South America for thousands of years. Stevia has about the 400 times the sweetness of sugar. In fact, using just a tea spoon of Stevia is equivalent to a cup of sugar. Moreover, one pound of powdered Stevia has only 10 calories and as you can see, you won’t be gaining any extra weight due to the usage of Stevia. Furthermore, the usage of Stevia is certified as completely safe for diabetics. In addition, compared to artificial sweeteners, you can use it to bake your favorite cakes, as it will perform better compared to other sweeteners both artificial and natural. This special herb has been certified as safe for children and diabetics in both Germany and Japan; thus it is widely used in these countries.

Of course, you are not confined to just Stevia when it comes to natural and organic sweeteners. Both Yakon and Agaves are also natural sweeteners that give good results when they are used. Although, they are not potent as Stevia, they can still give the sensation of sugar to its users and both of these natural sweeteners are also safe for children and diabetics.


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