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"Since I have been supplementing the Gold Rush, I have felt a heightened sense of awareness and sensitivity. Gold Rush has supported my clarity and taken my creativity to a whole new level. I have also discovered that everything seems to flow a lot better with less resistance."

Adam Russel,
Creative Consultant

"Hello I just wanted to say that I've been taking the gold for a few weeks now an I have defiantly noticed my senses a lil more in tune and the whole happy energy thing!

"I purchased one Gold Rush bottle and it has been with and helped shown me secrets that are life-giving, wisdom, reconciliation and so many things. -It has been consistently opening up and allowing for what one may consider a garden experience both initially and more lasting ...
Blessings, and Thanks"


"Gold Rush has dramatically enhanced the Quality of my life. Colloidal Gold has also enhanced my dreams and the quality of my sleep, plus it has sharpened my intuitive abilities."

Recording Artist / composer

"Life is not the same when there is gold in your vein!!! The calm, the shine in my head, with loving thoughts evoke, and kind words said To believe in the higher and the works that one can do is sourced through alchemy and in delicious raw food.

This love product has had a significant affect on my well being and I am going to make it a significant part of my abundance manifestation and sharing path. Thank you for your work and all that you bring forth.

Jonathan Carl


Marine Phytoplankton May Be The Most Innovative And Important Food Available Today On The Planet Earth.

The natural capital of our planet Earth is tremendous, it is the ultimate source of all our materials and energy that we use to sustain ourselves. We have to intelligently choose what is most beneficial to us. Our whole ecosystem is dependent on a very simple and basic natural resource, without which there can be no life on earth. It is the food of the king of the seas, the world’s largest and longest living animal – the blue whale. It is Marine Phytoplankton!

Phyto means light and Plankton means floating or suspended. These amazing single-cell plants have the ability to convert sunlight, water and minerals into protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and amino acids. Scientific research shows that marine phytoplankton is by far the most nutritious superfood in the world. About 90% of the world’s oxygen is produced by marine phytoplanktons. It is a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids, amino acids, chlorophyll and minerals. It provides the body with instant energy directly at the cellular level. It contains almost everything necessary to sustain life and build healthy new cells.

Marine Phytoplankton provides a unique mixture of phytonutrients and a naturally balanced composition of sea minerals which makes it a very potent and effective medicine for various ailments like Rheumatoid arthritis, Type-2 diabetes, Eczema and skin disorders, Breast cancer, prostate cancer and other cancers, Heart disease and atherosclerosis and many more. The list is endless.

A case in point is Tom Harper, a sea farmer in northern British Columbia. He has established a multi-million dollar facility on the edge of the northern Pacific Ocean to grow marine phytoplankton throughout the year to feed his shellfish. He was suffering from Diabetes and a rare cancer and the doctors gave him only a few months to live. Astoundingly for everyone, he completely recovered from his diabetes and his rare cancer when he decided to eat phytoplankton, thus showing the amazing effects of this organic, super concentrated nutrient.

People who consume Marine Phytoplankton are known to have enhanced brain and immune functions, improved cellular repair and circulation, antiviral and antibacterial effects, residual energy and various health benefits. The high chlorophyll content in Marine Phytoplankton also increases oxygen intake which means more fuel to muscles with improved performance and endurance. Inspite of being the smallest nano-particulate size of all micro algae, Marine Phytoplankton delivers vital life energy at the DNA/Mitochondria level and penetrates the blood/brain barrier feeding the higher master glands located deep in the brain.

Marine Phytoplankton may be the most innovative and important food available today on on the Planet Earth. It is nature’s gift to mankind, we should use it judiciously for our optimal health and wellness.


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