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"Since I have been supplementing the Gold Rush, I have felt a heightened sense of awareness and sensitivity. Gold Rush has supported my clarity and taken my creativity to a whole new level. I have also discovered that everything seems to flow a lot better with less resistance."

Adam Russel,
Creative Consultant

"Hello I just wanted to say that I've been taking the gold for a few weeks now an I have defiantly noticed my senses a lil more in tune and the whole happy energy thing!

"I purchased one Gold Rush bottle and it has been with and helped shown me secrets that are life-giving, wisdom, reconciliation and so many things. -It has been consistently opening up and allowing for what one may consider a garden experience both initially and more lasting ...
Blessings, and Thanks"


"Gold Rush has dramatically enhanced the Quality of my life. Colloidal Gold has also enhanced my dreams and the quality of my sleep, plus it has sharpened my intuitive abilities."

Recording Artist / composer

"Life is not the same when there is gold in your vein!!! The calm, the shine in my head, with loving thoughts evoke, and kind words said To believe in the higher and the works that one can do is sourced through alchemy and in delicious raw food.

This love product has had a significant affect on my well being and I am going to make it a significant part of my abundance manifestation and sharing path. Thank you for your work and all that you bring forth.

Jonathan Carl


7 Major Health Benefits of Organic Raw Peruvian Maca

Keeping healthy is one of the more pressing concerns of the mankind. This is caused by the fact that health is one of the most important assets that you can have. Thus in order to protect this precious asset, one of the best methods that are available is the consumption of the so called super foods that help to strengthen our bodily processes. Perhaps one of the best super foods is the organic raw Peruvian Maca.

Some major health benefits of organic raw Peruvian Maca include:

Increases energy, endurance and stamina in your body.

Increases your muscular strength. In fact, Incan warriors used it regularly to help them increase their strength and prowess in battle. In essence, it acts like an anabolic muscle enhancer.

Peruvian Maca increases sexual strength as well and it acts as an aphrodisiac. Hence, both fertility and sexual desire are improved after consuming this organic super food Maca. In fact, the legends have it that Incan warriors were prohibited from consuming Peruvian Maca once a city was invaded, in order to protect the woman inhabitants of that city.

Peruvian Maca is instrumental in helping the body to regulate hormonal processes. It can be used to treat hormonal dysfunctions caused by menopause in women and andropause in men.

Peruvian Maca is a great memory enhancer and scientific studies shows that it increases the neural activity in the brain.

Peruvian Maca helps increase the circulation in your body. Hence any condition of anemia is reduced and more importantly the wounds in your body heal faster after consuming Maca regularly. Also due to improved circulation, your skin gets a glowing healthy look.

One of the more important properties of Organic Super food Peruvian Maca is the fact that it is one of the most successful adaptogens found in the nature. Hence, due to this property Maca helps to regulate and stabilize the various systems in your body such as the lymph system, the circulatory system, the hormonal system, the musculature system etc. Hence, this organic super food benefits your body in whatever your body needs the most help.

As you can see, this wonderful organic food is absolutely superb and it has medicinal qualities as well as nutritional qualities. It has over 27 trace minerals such as selenium and it can be an absolute nutrition package that will complement and supplement your daily nutritional intake. It is recommended that you eat this organic food as raw for best results. You can add it to your tea or coffee or you can sprinkle it on your salads and other foods for best results.

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